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Wolfram Alpha launched next week?

Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on May 16, 2009

A friend showed me this today, and I just find it so cool: Check out the demo video for Wolfram Alpha, a new “computational knowledge engine”. It is apparently being launched very soon – the webpage says “May” and some other sources say May 18th. It can do all sorts of things, like compute integrals, tell you stuff about the human genome, or tell you precisely where the International Space Station is at any given time (by solving the relevant differential equation). Although most of the answers you get would have been available through Google as well, Wolfram Alpha works in a different way, exhibiting some rudimentary form of “intelligence”. Am not sure just how much maths it can actually do, but I’ll try it out as soon as possible.


One Response to “Wolfram Alpha launched next week?”

  1. Thomas said

    A nice oportunity to remember the web visionary Otlet, film.

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