Motivic stuff

Cohomology, homotopy theory, and arithmetic geometry

Supervisions Easter Term 2009

Friday, April 24: GRM sheet 4

10am Donald Bennet

2pm Chris Holdsworth (Alg geom, 3rd example sheet)

3pm Olga Batishcheva and Thomas Heslop


Monday, April 27: Algebraic geometry, sheet 4

11am Kyle McLoughlin

12 Aaron Chan

3pm Chawan Coulsting

4pm Colin Love

5pm Chris Holdsworth

6pm Scott Murphy


Monday, May 4: Algebraic geometry, sheet 4


11am Anita Liebenau

12 Colin Love

2pm Ashley Hewson

3pm Ben Thomas, Thomas Petit

4pm Thomas Holmes, Hamza Al-Sebai

5pm free


Wednesday, May 6: Number theory revision

10am Minh-Hoang Tran (AG sheet 4)

11am Andrew Jones, Alan McKee

12 Thomas Holmes, Hamza Al-Sebai


Friday, May 8: Number theory revision

9am free

10am Richard Amos, Luke Dennis   

11am Richard Godden, Andrew Kay

2pm Suqin Yang, Jack Lamplugh

3pm Archon Ren, Daniel Greene

4pm Andrew McMillan

5pm Jack Webster, Emma Blackburn


Tuesday, May 12: Groups, rings and modules revision

9am Chris Oates (Number theory revision)

10am Arthur Chan, David Franklin (Number theory revision)

11am Hamza Al-Sebai, Thomas Holmes

12 free

4pm free

5.30pm Tom Burkinshaw, Don Berry (Number theory revision)


Friday, May 15

11am Minh-Hoang Tran


Monday, May 18: Algebraic geometry and GRM revision

10am Olga Batishcheva, Thomas Heslop

11am Donald Bennet

12 free

2pm Chawan Coulsting

3pm Anita Liebenau

5pm Eric Riedl

6pm Ben Thomas


Wednesday, May 20

10am Minh-Hoang Tran

11am Colin Love

12 Jack Webster


Monday, May 25




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