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Mathematical mailing lists

Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on October 9, 2009

Lots of jobs, grants, conferences etc are advertised on mathematical mailing lists. I have never seen any good page on how you find these mailing lists, so I will try to list the ones I know about, and please add a comment if you know of others. If your mathematical interests are completely disjoint from mine, or if you are not interested in research mathematics at all, then maybe you should not read this post but check out this page instead.

The lists tend to be quite different in nature. Some (like COW) are relevant only for a specific geographic region, while others are more global. Some (like ALGTOP) seem to welcome all kinds of questions as long as they are well-informed and research-related, while others (like EAGER-GEN) seem to be more restrictive in what they allow. Some (like the arXiv lists) come as RSS feeds if you prefer that.

There are some lists that should exist but do not, as far as I’m aware. One thing I really miss is a list for algebraic geometry which allows for all kinds of (intelligent) questions, in the ALGTOP style. Maybe algebraic geometry is too big a subject for such a list, but there certainly could be lists for arithmetic geometry and maybe also homotopical/derived algebraic geometry, and lots of other algebraic geometry subfields.

My favourite subject-specific lists are:

When doing some googling for this blog post, I also found the following:

which I have now subscribed to.

A very useful thing is the arXiv mailing list, where you can specify what subject categories you are interested in. I have been subscribing to this for a while, but it’s hard to keep up to date with the emails, especially if you are interested in many subject areas. Am now trying the RSS feeds instead in Google Reader, one advantage being that it is easier to quickly skim through large amounts of posts. The only disadvantage is that I haven’t figured out how to eliminate duplicate feed items, which occur when a preprint is listed in more than one subject category, but I am sure there must be a clever way of resolving this.

A very general list is sci.math.research, where you can ask almost any question and usually get a sensible answer.

Some lists which are relevant if you are based in the UK: London Number TheoryLondon Geometry and Topology, and COW (see also the COW web page if you don’t know what COW is). When searching for mailing lists on various topics I also found the Midwest Topology list, which might be of interest to some.

Many research institutes have their own mailing lists, for example the Fields Institute, MSRI, and the Newton Institute. See this list of research institutes for more.

There might also be mailing lists from sites advertising math-related jobs, such as mathjobs and, but I plan to come back to this and other jobs-related resources in a later blog post after doing some proper searching.

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