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Iwasawa theory resources

Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on July 9, 2013

Iwasawa theory is a branch of number theory with important applications to class groups of number fields and to conjectures on special values of zeta functions. Here are some starting points for learning more about this.

(You might find other references at Wikipedia and in this general MathOverflow question.)

Book references:

  • Lang: Cyclotomic fields I and II (Google Books)
  • Washington: Introduction to cyclotomic fields (Google Books)
  • Neukirch, Schmidt, Wingberg: Cohomology of number fields (Google Books)
  • Coates and Sujatha: Cyclotomic fields and zeta values
  • Iwasawa Collected Papers (2 volumes)
  • Noncommutative Iwasawa Main Conjecture over Totally Real Fields (SpringerLink)

Surveys and introductions online:

Manfred Kolster: K-theory and arithmetic (Very nice basic introduction to zeta values and Iwasawa theory)

The Kato ICM talk 2006

Introductory notes by Jim L. Brown

Surveys of Sujatha:

Surveys of Venjakob:

survey of Greenberg. Other surveys, and a book draft, on Greenberg’s webpage.

Matthias Flach surveys:

survey by Mitchell from the Handbook of K-theory, on Iwasawa theory and homotopy theory. (See also an interesting blog post of Eric Peterson here, for some possible connections with chromatic homotopy theory)

For noncommutative Iwasawa theory, here are some additional key papers:

Finally, a list of all papers on MathSciNet labelled with subject code 11R23 (Iwasawa theory), the latest papers on arXiv, and a MathOverflow search on “Iwasawa”.

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Two new blogs: DZB and Chromotopy

Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on April 1, 2013

Just wanted to recommend two blogs that I discovered quite recently. One is DZB’s blog, where I learnt about the really cool Database of L-functions, modular forms, and related objects. The other one is Chromotopy, where I particularly enjoy the posts of Eric Peterson. A few sample posts from Eric: Iwasawa theory for chromatic localizations, a series of posts on the Devinatz-Hopkins-Smith paper, and Bundles for adults.

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