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String conferences in 2011

Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on April 4, 2011

Some upcoming string-related conferences:

Starting in January 2012, there is also a six-month programme at the Newton Institute on Mathematics and Applications of Branes in String and M-theory.

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Motivic homotopy theory in Bonn, and much more

Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on March 11, 2010

The conference list is now updated with lots of exciting events for the summer. A small sample:

I already mentioned the Paris conference on Cohomology of algebraic varieties, Hodge theory, algebraic cycles, and motives in last week of April, but there is still time to register.

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Toen: Nonabelian Hodge structures

Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on January 23, 2009

More notes from the Grothendieck conference: Bertrand Toen talked about how one can use derived algebraic geometry to define nonabelian Hodge structures. Here are the scanned notes.

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