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(Last updated: June 2012)

This is an incomplete list of postdoc-like opportunities in pure mathematics, biased towards Western Europe and towards number theory, algebraic geometry and topology. Originally created for my own job search, but maybe someone else could find it useful as well. Feel free to add a comment below if you think something important is missing.


  • Try to write directly to people at universities where you would like to work, and ask about what kind of opportunities are available. Many things are simply not publicly advertised in any reasonable place.
  • Join as many mathematical mailing lists as possible – many jobs are advertised here.


The Math Jobs Wiki

MathJobs (some European jobs are listed here)

My own MathOverflow question from some time ago

A list of mathematical research institutes, some of which have postdoc positions or short-term visiting positions.

Job listings at the EMS web page.

Miles Reid’s page on grants.


  • There should be plenty of EU grants available for young researchers, but I never applied for any of these, so can’t say much about it. Two possible starting points for more information could be this EMS page and the ERC Funding and Grants page.
  • The Simons Foundation funds attractive postdoc positions at various top universities – see the list of current fellows.
  • IPDE fellowships – two years at various institutes in Europe. Applications October/November???


The EPSRC have postdoc positions. From June 2012 these seem to be open for pure mathematicians again, provided your work is in some sense interdisciplinary.

Royal Society

Newton fellowships

Leverhulme Trust

Mathematics at (almost all UK jobs are listed here, and they also have an RSS feed)

LMS job listings

LMS grants

A list of mathematics departments in the UK.

About Cambridge and Oxford JRFs.

Cambridge: Vacancies; Postdoc opportunities including the college JRFs (however, this page does not mention the Simons fellowship); JRFs advertised in the Reporter?

Imperial College: VacanciesGeometry postdoc opportunities; Chapman fellowships advertised every year in Nov/Dec.

Oxford: Vacancies; JRFs advertised in the Gazette?

Some other math departments: NottinghamWarwickBristolUCLKing’s College; Warwick jobs page


Regular jobs at French universities are advertised each year (fall??) at Opération Postes. Even if you finished your PhD quite recently, it’s worth applying for the positions called Maître de conférences (see Wikipedia) which are permanent positions involving both teaching and research. To apply for these you have to first apply for something called the Qualification, which is a paper certifying that you hold a PhD in mathematics and are qualified to apply for academic positions in France.

Opération Postes also have a page called Autres concours, on which they list various other opportunities, including postdoc positions and CNRS positions. The latter are jobs for life with no teaching obligations, and they are also open to researchers in the early stage of their career.

Julia Wolf’s page on the French job market (With links to Marie Curie grants and various other things)

Fondation Science Mathematiques de Paris. Around 20 postdoc positions in mathematics and computer science offered each year in Paris. You need a contact person/sponsor at one of the participating institutions.

FMJH has a page which lists current postdoc opportunities in France, and they also have their own Sophie Germain postdoc fellowships advertised in the fall.

IHES: You can apply either for a regular visit or for the Hodge fellowships (one of which is reserved for someone with a PhD degree from the UK). Application deadline in November??? There is also money from STINT for visitors from Swedish universities.

Institut Henri Poincaré might have some opportunities, as part of their thematic trimesters or their “Research in Paris” programme (short-term collaboration projects with 2 to 4 people).


In Germany it seems more true than anywhere else that you should just write directly to professors with whom you would like to work. Doing so you may well find that there is a job you can apply for which has not been advertised anywhere. For example, many professors have assistant positions which could run for up to six years.

The DFG has a lot of money for mathematics, but I’m not sure if you have to be German or based in Germany in order to apply.

Various research institutes welcoming visitors for shorter or longer time periods: MPI Bonn; the Hausdorff center (postdocs and Bonn Junior Fellows); Oberwolfach; the Riemann Center for Geometry and Physics.

Humboldt foundation postdoctoral fellowship

Graduiertenkolleg Cohomological methods in geometry (Freiburg)


KVA (Royal Academy of Sciences): Scholarships for mathematics

VR (Vetenskapsrådet). VR has research funding for researchers based in Sweden. They also fund postdoc positions, but last time I checked they only accepted applications from people with a PhD degree from a Swedish university. Postdoc deadlines in 2011 were in February and August. There is also something called “Projektbidrag för unga forskare“.


Scholarships that might possibly fund postdoc positions in Sweden and elsewhere: O.E. and Edla Johanssons Vetenskapliga Stiftelse; Johan och Jakob Söderbergs stiftelse; Sixten Gemzéus stiftelse; Stiftelsen Blanceflor; Sven och Dagmar Saléns stiftelse; Lars Hiertas minne; Knut och Alice Wallenbergs stiftelse; Wenner-Gren stiftelserna; Magnus Bergvalls stiftelse; SEB?

A long list of grants (all subjects) hosted by University of Gothenburg.

There is something called Göran Gustafsson postdoctoral fellowship at KTH, but I couldn’t find any information about this online.

Many jobs in Sweden are advertised at Nordic Math Jobs, but it seems like others are advertised only on the departmental webpage and in local newspapers. Stockholm University; KTH; Uppsala University.


Again, Nordic Math jobs.

Topology groups in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. In the past these have held big topology grants (sample?) including several postdoc positions.

They might be hiring mathematicians soon at the Norwegian Business School, whose main campus is in Oslo.


University of Copenhagen. Attractive postdoc positions advertised every year.


Scuola Normale Superiore (short-term visitor programme, possibly other opportunities)

ICTP (Shiing-Shen Chern Senior Postdoctoral Fellowship, among other things)

Università di Milano


Laboratory of algebraic geometry in Moscow has postdoc positions.

AIMS Cape Town; AIMS Ghana; AIMS Senegal. Opportunities might include postdoc positions, lectureships, and supervising student projects for a period of six weeks or so.

Fields Institute postdoc opportunities

FWO postdoctoral fellowships (Belgium)

CAMGSD in Lisbon. Postdoc positions available.


Swiss National Science Foundation

Rumour has it there might be many positions in Korea and Brazil, for example in places like POSTECH and IMPA.


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    Thank you very much for this list. It helped me increase my knowledge and increase the number of places I am planning to apply to!

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