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Motives conference in Mainz, July 4-8

Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on February 16, 2011

Conference on Motives, see webpage here. Invited speakers include Consani, Rost, Morel and Nori.

2 Responses to “Motives conference in Mainz, July 4-8”

  1. Paul said

    While I am optimistic:

    I think Patrick Brosnan, Gregory Pearlstein, Morihiko Saito,… are working on the Hodge conjecture studying normal functions, do you know what the status of this is? Is it still very promising?

    And what about Connes-Consani’s work on zeta-functions of F_1-schemes? Are they advancing well?

  2. Paul said

    Well you can probably skip my 2nd question, .

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