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ICM 1950 articles

Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on February 1, 2011

As pointed out on MathOverflow and elsewhere, all ICM proceedings up to 2006 have been made available in searchable format at the IMU website. I have started skimming through some of these and will post here direct links to the articles that seem the most interesting. From 1950, I particularly like the following:

  • Zariski: The fundamental ideas of abstract algebraic geometry (pdf, djvu)
  • Weil: Number theory and algebraic geometry (pdf, djvu)
  • Hurewicz: Homotopy and homology (pdf, djvu)
  • Eilenberg: Homotopy groups and algebraic homology theories (pdf, djvu)
  • Chern: Differential geometry of fiber bundles (pdf, djvu)
  • Whitehead: Homotopy groups of spheres (pdf, djvu)
  • Eckmann: Complex-analytic manifolds (pdf, djvu)

The full list of ICM 1950 articles is here: Volume I, Volume II.

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