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Motivic homotopy theory in Bonn, and much more

Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on March 11, 2010

The conference list is now updated with lots of exciting events for the summer. A small sample:

I already mentioned the Paris conference on Cohomology of algebraic varieties, Hodge theory, algebraic cycles, and motives in last week of April, but there is still time to register.

3 Responses to “Motivic homotopy theory in Bonn, and much more”

  1. Frank said

    There’s also a 3 week impressive looking summer school on “Arithmetic aspects of rational curves” in Grenoble which I haven’t seen listed on any of the arithmetic or geometric lists but went around the French community by email. The webpage is here and inscriptions are starting soon.

    • Andreas Holmstrom said

      Thanks! Will add it now. I always have the feeling that it’s very hard to find information about French conferences. For example, the Grothendieck conference last January wasn’t advertised at all outside France as far as I know. Are there any mailing lists for these things, or do people just email their friends and tell them? Or do they just send physical posters to French maths departments?

      • Frank said

        I was told about it by some French students. In Paris at the moment and haven’t seen a poster of it anywhere so it probably makes the rounds of academic emails. There’s a couple of networks of grants that organise these things, maybe Antoine Chambert-Loir is the person to ask

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