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Happy New Year!

Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on January 16, 2010

A bit late, I know, but I would like to wish all blog readers a peaceful and fulfilling new year 2010! Due to holidays, job applications, and a stolen laptop, I have been rather silent for a while, but hopefully I will be able to post more often in the next few months. Today I don’t have much to say, except showing you a picture from the year that passed:

Academy of Motives

Academy of Motives, Granada

It’s a tiny picture taken with a bad mobile phone camera, but it shows the Academy of Motives in Granada, where I was attending the F1 workshop in November. Other mathematical-touristic experiences of 2009 included two trips to Germany; unfortunately I was not able to find the famous shop where they sell affine schemes.


3 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Konrad said

    They sell Speck in nearly every supermarket.. it’s the german word for bacon.

  2. Bertu said

    The translation would be correct if it was in Portuguese, but assuming it is in Spanish, the correct translation would be “Two Motives Academy”.

    It is a good joke anyway!

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