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Intersection theory at Rigorous Trivialities

Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on November 3, 2009

Charles Siegel at Rigorous Trivialities is aiming to blog about intersection theory every day of November, essentially creating a minor book in the process. The first two posts are out, one on Chow groups and one on Manipulating cycles. These posts look promising, and I am very much looking forward to the rest of the series!


One Response to “Intersection theory at Rigorous Trivialities”

  1. Well, just pointing out that there’s nothing new coming out of this, and it’s really more a set of notes than a book, being as I’m (mostly) following Fulton’s book, though I do have a couple of detours into other things planned (if I can understand it well enough, I might even try to talk about the Goresky-MacPherson Intersection Homology theory, to get a handle on singular varieties properly, though I’m not sure that that’s going to happen.)

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