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Postdoc and PhD positions – deadlines very soon

Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on May 26, 2009

Just wanted to spread the word about some very interesting opportunities.

PhD positions in Copenhagen. Strong research groups in Algebra and Number theory, Topology and Noncommutative geometry. Very attractive financial conditions. Deadline: June 19th. Note that Denmark is also the happiest place in the world.

Postdoc position at University of Nottingham with Alexander Vishik. Deadline: June 5th. Some possible topics mentioned: Algebraic theory of quadratic forms, algebraic cobordism theory, linear algebraic groups and homogeneous varieties (over arbitrary fields), motives (in the sense of  Voevodsky and Chow motives), A1-homotopy theory, Milnor’s K-theory and algebraic K-theory (over arbitrary fields).

– Postdoc position in algebraic geometry in Strasbourg. Below is a quote from the email sent to the EAGER-GEN list. Deadline June 10th.  “A post-doc position in algebraic geometry for one year (that could be extended for a second year) is available here in Strasbourg, starting from September 1, 2009. The post-doc will have no teaching duty. The following three conditions are mandatory for the candidates: (1) being less than 35 years old by December 31, 2009; (2) having obtained the Ph.D. outside France; (3) no previous long stay at the Strasbourg Math. Department. Interested people may contact Gianluca Pacienza for further details. Candidates must send their Curriculum Vitae to Gianluca Pacienza. Two letters of recommendation must be sent (again by email) separately.”


3 Responses to “Postdoc and PhD positions – deadlines very soon”

  1. There are post-doc positions here in Milano for 2 years (up to 4 after renewal). The best research projects among several subjects will be selected. One subject is

    “Motivic Homotopy and Motives”

    including motivic cohomology, mixed motives, n-motives and triangulated motives with respect to problems and conjectures in algebraic K-theory and arithmetic geometry.
    See the web page where more info & how to apply will be posted on June 15 with deadline for application July 15.

    Also note that Milano is now in the new Algant consortium see our web page

  2. ABCABC said

    To where should one apply for a PhD if the interest is leaning towards “motivic stuff”? I suppose the giant is Voevodsky but he is at IAS, an institute you can not apply to. Could you please throw out some names, especially in Europe? I know of Morel, Vishik and Rost.

    • homotopical said

      There are many excellent places in Europe, like Paris, Bonn, Cambridge, and loads of others as well. If you drop me an email with some more details about your interests I could give you some names of people I think work on exciting things. I suspect the email address you gave for the comment might not be a real one 🙂

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