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Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on March 9, 2009

In the hope that posting on the blog will help me stay updated on new preprints, I will keep posting short lists of things I for some reason or another find particularly interesting or would like to understand in the future. This is the period Jan 25 – March 1.

Johannes Nicaise: An introduction to p-adic and motivic zeta functions and the monodromy conjecture

Charles Rezk: A cartesian presentation of weak n-categories

del Hoyo: On the homotopy type of a cofibred category

John Pridham: Formality and splitting of real non-abelian mixed Hodge structures

Eisenbud and Schreyer: Cohomology of Coherent Sheaves and Series of Supernatural Bundles

Cisinski and Déglise: Updated version of Mixed Weil cohomologies. I hope to say more about this preprint in the future.

Hess: Homotopic Hopf-Galois extensions: foundations and examples

Gabber and Ramero: Foundations of p-adic Hodge theory — Third Release

Connes and Consani: New version of On the notion of geometry over F1

2 Responses to “arXiv highlights”

  1. Thomas said

    That looks very nice too:
    The motivic fundamental group of the punctured projective line

  2. 도마 said

    New in the arxiv is this “overview of the motivations and foundations lying behind Voevodsky’s ideas of constructing categories similar to the ordinary topological homotopy categories“.

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