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Starting a new blog

Posted by Andreas Holmstrom on December 11, 2008

Welcome! Cohomology theories in algebraic geometry has been a rich and fascinating topic for more than 50 years: The birth of sheaf cohomology in the 50s; the Grothendieck school in the 60s developing etale cohomology, leading to Deligne’s proof of the Weil conjectures; the work of Quillen in the 70s on algebraic K-theory; the ideas of Beilinson, Deligne and others in the 80s on L-functions, mixed motives, and filtrations on Chow groups; the work of Voevodsky in the 90s on motivic cohomology and the Milnor conjecture; and much more.

However, many of the techniques underlying these ideas can seem difficult. Hopefully this blog will be a place for all of us to improve our understanding of these matters…

Hope to be back soon with more motivic stuff.

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